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Nhev Arcenilla Mayo
   What a great movie. Loved the music and singing.
Sam Holland
   nice material
Jason Davis
   This is a very nice shirt the elbows are well padded, the color is beautiful and the fabric is soft.  The cuffs at the wrists help give versatility with the length.  Since boys grown in spurts I prefer to buy bigger, this shirt allows for it to be worn big and a bit loose, my son has grown into this shirt about 4 months later.  It washes well and I line dry it, although I am sure it could go in the dryer.  It looks very nice on and is very functional for active players.  I like it and I would buy it again.
Olga Cazzarotto
   This is the first Hanes product I've ever purchased that was true to size. These shorts are made out of lightweight cotton fabric with pockets roomy enough to be usable. There was minimal shrinkage when I washed them. They're exactly what I was looking for so I ordered more.
I'm eagerly awaiting Dan Brown's new book, "The Hanes Code" where he will unravel the mystery of their sizing. Perhaps the Illuminati is involved. I'm a size medium on all their charts. I'm so medium I could be an extra medium. Yet I have to wear Hanes size Large boxer briefs, and size XL comfort soft t-shirts (they shrink like crazy).
Pino Pugliese
   For my husband, 6"2', weighs 170, and fits great.

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